“ To be more proactive in providing
tailored support to help maintain members’ motivation”


Gym Setup Consulting

Equipment Setup
Design Consulting


Gym Operations & Maintenance

Expert Trainers
Fitness Tracking Mobile App
Nutrition consulting

Swimming Pool Operations & Maintenance

Pool Management & Maintenance

Spa Operations & Maintenance


Clubhouse Management & Catering

Indoor / Outdoor Games

Library Mnagement

Online Party Hall / Banquet Hall Booking

Intra society Events


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Extreme Cardio

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Art and Painting Classes


About Us

UFT came into existence with the need of creating a zest in society. We at UFT believe that clubs are the soul the gist of society and therefore we thrive to keep it at its best.

UFT is a result of collaboration of some of India’s finest fitness minds coming from diverse backgrounds such as Weight Training, Yoga, Aerobics, Nutrition Consulting and Cardiac Care, Facility management and Club owners with a common aim to take club services in India to a new level by helping people to get impeccable services within their society.

UFT is an operator that invests in the operations of Private Clubs. Our principals have a combined years of  Hospitality experience. At UFT, “WE ENHANCE THE VALUE OF BELONGING” - whether you are a club member or staff representative, Our collective effort is focused on improving our delivery of enhanced value to our customers. UFT delivers the trustworthy guidance, innovation, and management expertise needed to help Private Clubs facilities achieve enduring success. We are "hands on" leaders who have developed innovative, club-specific solutions. We work collaboratively with Course Owners, Managers, and Club Boards. Let us show you how we can work together to achieve your goals!

How we can help?

Challenges Faced

“Most reasons for leaving boil down to a lack of motivation (or should that be support?) leading to infrequent visits and a feeling the membership lacks value”.

“It must be possible to treat every member’s request individually and seriously, seeing it as an opportunity to re-engage them”.

Our Approach

  • With UFT unique Programs designed to fit in the busy Lifestyle, our clients benefit by making better and more productive use of the available Gym facilities and Infrastructure
  • Gaining access to best of the breed fitness trainers providing state of the art fitness training in society itself.
  • Making club a happening place in society and thereby increasing the interaction between society members.
  • Making people more aware about their health.
  • Proactive monitoring and tracking of health parameters through regular Health Checkups.
  • Regular nutrition consulting aligned to each person’s unique Body and Life style needs.
  • Creating happier, stress free and a healthier environment.

UFT Differentiation

  • Breaking away from cliché and following Futuristic Club Management Approach.
  • We understand Corporate Lifestyle of your residents and its challenges.
  • Global tie ups ensuring regular collaboration with Leading Fitness Trainers across the globe.
  • Result Oriented Target based Training Programs.
  • Complete Fitness Package including Training, Nutrition Consulting and Health check ups.


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